A Hard God

St Jude's Players - A Hard God


By Arrangement with the Licensor, The Estate of Peter Kenna, c/-Curtis Brown(Aust) Pty Ltd

A Hard God is set in Sydney in 1946 and tells the story of the Cassidys, three working class Irish-Australian brothers and their families, struggling to reconcile their faith with the harsh realities of post-war life.

Middle brother Dan and his wife Aggie suffered most during the Great Depression, but now have become the rock on which the rest of the family depends. And as each brother struggles to navigate conflict and adversity, a younger Cassidy is confronted by the realisation of his deep attraction to his best mate and the crisis of faith this brings.

When unexpected tragedy strikes, the conflict and upheaval that ensues results in circumstances that make for gripping family drama, events as topical today as in the 1940s.

By Peter Kenna

Directed by Harry Dewar

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