Past Shows

St Jude's Players - Mr Bailey's Minder

August 2023 – Mr Bailey’s Minder

Abusive, cantankerous and burned out by booze, Leo Bailey is one of Australia’s national treasures. A gifted and renowned painter and chronic alcoholic, he can no longer take care of himself. His resentful daughter has employed a succession of minders who haven’t lasted, that is, until Therese comes along, fresh out of prison and determined to make a go of her limited options.

St Jude's Players - All About Eve

APRIL 2023-All About Eve

Set in the 1940’s, during the most vulnerable point in her career, a leading lady of the time, Margo Channing, encounters an aspiring young actress, Eve Harrington, who ingratiates herself into the lives of the most successful theatre practitioners in town – Lloyd Richards, Bill Sampson & Max Fabian.

St Jude's Players - Dogfight

AUGUST 2022 – Dogfight

Set in November 1963, Dogfight tells the story of three young marines, on the town for their last boys’ night out of partying before deployment into a small, but growing, conflict in Vietnam.

St Jude's Players - Vincent in Brixton

APRIL 2022 – Vincent in Brixton

It’s 1873, and at the age of 20, Vincent Van Gogh is renting a room in the London suburb of Brixton, whilst he is preparing for a career as an art dealer in his family’s business. The play explores the transforming effects of sex and love on Van Gogh’s still unformed talent all whilst falling in love…

St Jude's Players - Oliver Twisted

NOVEMBER 2022 – Oliver Twisted

Oliver Twisted, written and directed by Larry Waller, creates a very different version of Dickens’ original tale, using a mix of adventure, shock and mirth.

St Jude's Players - The Pig Iron People

The Pig Iron People

The winds of conservative political change are blowing hard in Australia, but satirist John Doyle’s moving, funny and at times shocking play The Pig Iron People is not about politics. It’s an absorbing and sharply observed tale about different generations and how life, love, prejudice and memories impact the way we see ourselves and others.

Game Plan

One of the funniest plays we have ever seen. Very well acted so thanks very much.

St Jude's Players - Graphic Musical Memories

Musical Memories

We will be presenting a night of fun, friendship and fabulous entertainment as we re-visit some of the wonderful songs we have presented over our 70 years.

St Jude's Players - I'll Be Back Before Midnight

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight

A psychological thriller by Award winning playwright Peter Colley.  This play has been produced in over 35 countries and is also a major motion picture.

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