I’ll Be Back Before Midnight


A psychological thriller by Award winning playwright Peter Colley.  This play has been produced in over 35 countries and is also a major motion picture.

A Hitchcock like comic-thriller which is likely to have you not knowing whether to laugh or scream.

Set in a dilapidated old farm house way out in the English countryside in the late 1980s, after several months in hospital following a nervous breakdown, Jan is brought to an isolated farmhouse by her husband to complete her recovery… but unsettling things begin to happen almost as soon as they arrive.

We meet an odd farmer who delights in telling gruesome ghost stories and the husband's sister, a very strange character arrives - all manner of frightening events occur.

What happens to fragile Jan gives this classic thriller its tremendous frightening impact, intermingled with a little comedy.

Described by various reviewers as:

"A spine chilling mixture of suspense and shocks intermingled with touches of comedy"
"A first rate thriller - wonderfully spooky"
"A cross between a Hitchcock and a Christie thriller"
"Keeps the audience guessing right to the end - no one should reveal the fabulous end"
"A cleverly orchestrated plot packed with fun and fright"
"If you like spooky mysteries that also make you laugh, you will love this play"
"An evening of scares and smiles, this comedy thriller doesn't disappoint"
"One minute you'll shrink back in your seats in fear and then the next you'll be laughing uproariously. It's a theatrical roller-coaster ride with plant of things that go bump in the night - a wonderful combination of comedy, mystery and thrills"

Directed by Ian Rigney

Show Dates:

April 4-6, 11-13

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