NOVEMBER 2022 – Oliver Twisted



Oliver Twisted, written and directed by Larry Waller, creates a very different version of Dickens' original tale, using a mix of adventure, shock and mirth.

Born into the care of authorities, and finding himself in a Young Offenders Institution, young Oliver Twisted awaits his release and the hope of a new family.  Oliver's naivety and vulnerability lead to his escape into the real world where, lost and alone, he finds himself drawn into the seedy and dangerous urban environment of the big city.  What will become of this young man? Are those around him friends or foe? Homeless, and exploited by manipulative adults, who can he trust?

The wonderful ensemble cast of adult and child actors will immerse the audience in time; in the Here, Now, There and Then of the realities of life on the street.  Not a musical, and true to the original text of Charles Dickens, this very different adaptation is not to be missed.


Thursday 10 November 2022 - Sunday 20 November 2022

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