Play Submissions

St Jude's Players
St Jude's Players

Directors may now submit plays for consideration for production in St Jude's Players' 2026 Production Season, under the following criteria:

  • Written submissions (by email only), to be made using
    the form to be downloaded from this page.

    Note that submission email address has changed. Please now email submissions to:

  • Additional material such as scripts, photos, etc
    should be attached separately to submission email.

  • 2 full length plays per director will be considered,
    each via a separate form and email.

  • Play submissions for 2026 close on October 31, 2024.


Aspiring director, experienced in aspects of theatre, eg acting but have not directed before, or somewhat inexperienced as a director? Those interested in being an assistant director for a St Jude's Players production are now welcome to email the above address with a pitch about doing this and attach their theatre CVs.

Submitting directors will be notified of 2026 play submission decisions in February 2025.

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