Silent Sky

St Jude's Players - Silent Sky


Set in the early 1900s under a vast sky of stars, the soaring, true story of Henrietta Leavitt emerges, punctuated by haunting music.

Now hailed as an astronomer who was well ahead of her time, Henrietta begins her working life at Harvard University under a renowned astronomer. Believing her work will involve access to a famous telescope, she arrives on the first day to learn her duties and status will be very different to that of the astronomers, all of whom are men.

Henrietta refuses to be dissuaded from her dream, but her obsessive work ethic to prove herself results in great strain on her relationships with her sister, her colleagues and a new-found love.

At last, Henrietta makes a profound scientific discovery, one that changes human understanding of the breadth of the universe.

By Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Lesley Reed

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